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The Calissoni Bulgari Estate is an agroecosystem which tries to match production needs and the safeguard of nature and biodiversity, in accordance to the principles of agroecology. Please find here below some of the elements which characterize our commitment to sustainability:

  • Safeguarding the estate land and wild vegetation which surrounds it, which mainly includes wild tree and shrubs species typical of the local territory and fundamental for the survival of beneficial entomofauna;
  • Applying integrated pest management techniques to the olive trees, monitoring and controlling pests with products featuring a low environmental impact;
  • Protecting soil fertility by replacing the use of traditional chemical fertilizers with organic-mineral ones and green manuring;
  • Giving up chemical weeding in favour of spontaneous grassing and cover cropping thus reducing mechanical processes and the consequent CO2 emissions;
  • Using a drip irrigation system controlled by sensors and an electronic control panel to optimize their performance and reduce waste;
  • Paying great attention in the selection of new equipment, favouring 4.0 machinery;
  • Implementing an automated harvesting system with battery-powered equipment aimed at cutting down on gas emissions and oil deposits on the trees which are typical of traditional harvesters.

Via Riserva Nuova, 56
04011 – Aprilia (LT)
P.Iva 02401730599
Codice Destinatario M5UXCR1

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