Chocolates “TCB”

20.00 IVA inclusa

Tenuta Calissoni Bulgari, with the collaboration of Divino, a well-known chocolate shop in the Pontine area, has created the “TCB” chocolates, made with our different selections of oils and different types of chocolate.

Amber, Emerald, Rubellite, Zultanite, Topaz and Ruby are the names of these precious pralines which correspond to different tastes.

  • Amber, Emerald and Rubellite: a single-origin dark chocolate shirt from the Uganda at 60%, with a white chocolate ganache and characterizing extra virgin olive oil, respectively Anna Bulgari Selection (monocultivar Itrana), Quattro Pini Selection (monocultivar Moraiolo) and Costantino Bulgari selection (monocultivar Leccino).
  • Zultanite: a milk chocolate shirt, with a white chocolate ganache and ginger flavored oil and a cube of candied ginger inside.
  • Topaz: a white chocolate shirt, with a milk chocolate ganache and lemon flavored oil;
  • Ruby: a white chocolate shirt with a white chocolate and pistachio ganache with chilli flavored oil.

A creation that once again highlights the versatility of extra virgin olive oil, ensuring unprecedented flavors of sweet, bitter and spicy. Temptations that will be difficult to resist.

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