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According to several academics and archeologists, the Church named the “Madonna del Buon Riposo”, built upon request from the Calissoni family by converting some stables owned by the Opera Nazionale Combattenti (National Military Association), stands near the ruins of the ancient Church called “Sancta Maria de Veprosa … nunc Bonriposo ultra Ardeam”, founded by an official act (currently held in the United States) issued by Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor, on 31 May 996. The architectural style of the current building, consecrated in 1976, reminds to Spanish colonial churches.

This Church features several valuable pieces: an icon of a Dalmatian origin, dating back to the XVII century, portraying the “Madonna del Buon Riposo”, two old wrought iron gates which support two Venetian lamps dating back to the XVI century, a series of icons belonging to the Athonite Academy, inside a wooden frame created by the famous woodworker Sanfilippo. It is also worth mentioning the impressive glass window by Duilio Cambellotti, one of the best painters and decorators of the Italian Art Nouveau movement, who was also actively and personally involved in the reclamation of the Pontine marshes. The multi-colored glass panel, a typical sample of the roman artist’s works, was created inside Picchiarini’s workshop, and was presented, in the ‘20s, by Cambellotti to his friend Costantino Bulgari, Anna’s father, for his wedding, and portrays a group of merchants of precious stones on the banks of a canal.

Via Riserva Nuova, 56
04011 – Aprilia (LT)
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